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Here students create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation illustrating the Bill of Rights amendments in their unique personal style


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  



Title – Bill of Rights Presentation
By – Ian Taggart
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 8th Grade

Standards Addressed:

    Arizona State Standards:

      S1:C10:PO8-10, S2:C9:PO1-3, S1:C4:PO4, S3:C1:PO3

    Arizona Technology Standards:

      S1:C1:PO1, S1:C4:PO1, S3:C1:PO1-2, S3:C2:PO1-5, S5:C1:PO3


    The purpose of the project is for the students to create their own understanding of the Bill of Rights through their own research. They can then apply what they learned to everyday events and activities and see how the Bill of Rights touch nearly every aspect of their lives.


Utilizing the internet and news sources, the students will research each of the ten amendments that make up the Bill of Rights and create a presentation unique to their personal style which illustrates the main points of the Bill of Rights.

Assessment Guidelines:


Create a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation illustrating the Bill of Rights.

      The presentation must be formatted and organized in the following manner:

Title Slide:

        • Name, class and topic on the first slide (Bill of Rights).

Body Slides:

      • Minimum of one slide per amendment, but may have more slides containing text, pictures or a combination of both.
      • Create your own slide format or use a preset format.
      • Try different slide transitions, artwork and photos, appropriate sound effects and music if desired.


  • The presentations will be assessed according to the guidelines above.
  • 50 total points are possible
  • Points are lost for missing incomplete elements

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