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A Family Tree with Photos created on computers using scanners is the outcome of this lesson idea


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Family Trees
By –
Subject – Social Studies, Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 6-8
1. Have your students find pictures or photos of their family at home.
2. Ask them to bring in their photos and pictures for their project.
3. Get each student to scan their photos by placing them all on the scanner at once.
4. Save the scanned picture as “…………… – family scan”.
5. Open a drawing program and begin a new document.
6. Open the file “…………… – family scan” at the same time.
7. Select, copy and paste each picture from the scan into the blank document.
8. Do this for all of the photos.
9. Close the scan file.
10. Arrange the pictures in a family tree layout.
11. Use the drawing tools to join up the different branches of the family so the collection of pictures makes sense.
12. Using the text tool, name each of the people shown fill in their date of birth/death.
13. Save the file as “…………. – family tree”.
14. Print out a copy of each family tree.
15. When they are finished, get them to show their creation and talk about their family to the rest of the class.

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