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This is a Great Wall of China research lesson


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  



Title – Great Wall of China
By – Kim Byers
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 6


    TSWD understanding of research through the use of websites, and how to use the information gained by completing a well-written two paragraph report using the information gained from a rough draft.

South Carolina State Standards: 6-1.3, 6-1.4


      Great Wall of China

      Rough Draft

    Final Draft

Resources needed:

      1. Computers for each child

      2. Teacher marked websites

      3. Paper for rough draft

      4. Pencil

      5. Final-draft paper

    6. Colored pencils


      The students will use the computers in the media center to access three websites previewed and earmarked by the teacher concerning the Great Wall of China. The students will be given approximately 40 minutes to research and write information on regular paper.
      After the students return to the classroom, they will receive a sheet of paper from the teacher with which to complete the final draft. Approximately 45 minutes will be allotted to finish.
    The final draft paper will contain a picture of the Great Wall of China for students to color, with the lower portion containing lines for students to transfer information onto, so that students’ papers will look neater.


    Students will be graded using a rubric.


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