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Students create an Inspiration software diagram here linking major processes (government decisions/environmental events) with their impact on different world regions


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Linking Ideas in Geography
By – Sean Smith
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Computer & Internet
Grade Level – 9-12




  • The content that will be covered in this lesson is geography.
  • This lesson will show how world processes affect different regions of the world.
  • The skills needed to complete this assignment are:
    • the ability to visualize impacts of decisions
    • logic
    • knowledge of world geography and people


  • The benchmark fulfilled by completing this lesson is: “Explain how major world processes affect different world regions.” (Michigan Social Studies Curriculum Standards II.4.1, 4.3, 5.1, 1.1, 2.1, and 3.2)
  • Upon completion of this assignment, students will begin to realize the impact that major decisions (war, pollution, shortages, etc.) have on different parts of the world.

Learning Resources and Materials:

    To complete this assignment, students will need:

    • knowledge of basic world geography
    • a computer with internet access
    • experience with “Inspiration” software
    • a world map

Development of Lesson:



      • In this lesson, students will choose two recent, major world decisions/happenings. Students will design a diagram using Inspiration. Using the diagram, the students will explain how the two things are tied together and how they affected each other. (For example: the election of Barrack Obama and the economy. Another example: Global Warming and the level of the Great Lakes.)
      • At the end of the assignment, students will have two major topics discussed and linked together. The relationship needs to be explained thoroughly below the linking arrows. (This will ensure that the teacher recognizes that the student understands the relationship.) The major topics must have five subheadings explaining different aspects of the issue/happening.
      • To prepare for this assignment, the student should be proficient with Inspiration software. The student should already have knowledge of geography from regular in-class assignments and homework.
      • This assignment is hands on. It will take some time to do proper research on how to complete it thoroughly. As a class, we will go to the library once to find information regarding the three topics the students chose. Diagrams will be drawn out on paper before the assignment begins. It will be a rough draft that only lists a few sub-topics.
      • This lesson will coincide with teachings from class. Topics for the diagrams will come from points the teacher talked about in class.
      • This assignment will be completed during class hours. We will go to the computer lab three times over a period of two weeks. Proper preparation will ensure completion by the deadline. Spreading the assignment out over three sessions will keep attention focused on the assignment.




      • As a teacher, you will serve as a guide. Direction will be given to students when a problem arises. The students know the software and should know enough about their topics to complete the assignment without any issues. The hardest thing for students will be linking the topics. The teacher will be there to talk students through ideas for linking concepts.
      • Students will be in groups of four.
      • The sequence of activities is
        1. Listen to class lectures
        2. Get ideas from the library and class lectures
        3. Lay diagram out on paper
        4. Use Inspiration to construct the diagram.
      • Learning and instruction during this assignment will be given to the group as a whole. Groups should collectively talk about problems first, then ask the teacher.




        Adapting the assignment will be done on a student-by-student basis. If the student doesn’t clearly understand the assignment, or has recognized special needs, the teacher will seek assistance from a co-op teacher.




      • Evaluation will be given after the assignment is completed. Points will be given based on teamwork, the ability to link ideas, and how the students were able to link the concepts. The more linkage students can show, the better the grade.
      • Students will have met the benchmark for this project if proper linkages are shown.
      • A short written report about the grading will be given to the group after the assignment is completed. It will explain what the students did well in and what the diagram lacked. A grade out of 100 will be given at this time.




    • Students can reflect on what they’ve learned by simply looking at their project. It can be used for later projects and also helps students familiarize themselves with Inspiration.
    • This is a good assignment to meet the “include multimedia while engaging students with subject area materials” and have “students use reasoning skills” criteria.
    • This will impact my curriculum, in that, if the assignment goes well, I will use Inspiration software again. This assignment does take a considerable amount of time to plan and perform. Only a few Inspiration based assignments could be accomplished per year.

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