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PowerPoint Lecture: “On the Backs of Slaves”


Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Built on Slaves
By – Sean Smith
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 9-12

Unit Contents:

Michigan Benchmarks:

Explain the ideology of the institution of slavery, its policies, and consequences.

Learning Resources and Materials:

No external resources will be needed for this lesson. It is a PowerPoint lecture on the topic of slavery. Students are expected to take notes in their notebooks. Only a pen/pencil and a notebook are needed.

Development of Lesson:


We have been speaking about pre-Colonial American in class and I thought that slavery was a very influential topic in this area. Our country was built on the backs of slaves, so I felt that I needed to stress the importance of this with a PowerPoint presentation. Normally, I just lecture for a short period and we either read the textbook or watch a short video clip. I rarely use PowerPoint, so students know that it is an important topic when I use this software.


This lesson is very straightforward. Students are expected to take notes on the PowerPoint presentation. I will periodically ask question throughout the presentation so students will stay on their toes. I will start class with a brief overview of the topic and the relevant historical facts that go along with it. I will give my presentation and then ask for questions. After the questions, I will give a five-question quiz over the lecture. This quiz only accounts for 1% of the student’s overall grade.


I will give accommodations to four of my students. Two of them are deaf and two are wheelchair bound. For all of the students, I will print out the PowerPoint slides. I will also record my lecture on my computer and send this to the support teacher who knows sign language. The support teacher will then take the four students into the support room and go over the assignment with the students. This will occur during my lecture.


The assessment will be given during the post lecture quiz. Students are graded from 1-5 on the quiz. This will be the only evaluation prior to the chapter test.


This PowerPoint is a simple lesson that is easy to understand. We have talked about these topics in class prior to this, so it was a review. The main points are what will be tested on and that is what I have included in my PowerPoint. The only problem I encountered is with my students with disabilities. It’s hard to send them off to a support teacher who doesn’t know much about the topic. If they do poorly on the test, I feel like that will be the reason. Overall, this is a standard lecture. It’s quick and easy to understand. I would recommend lectures similar to this for lower grades (6-8).

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