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Here students discuss Massachusetts Bay Colony source material about the trial of Ann Hutchinson on a class website discussion board


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  


9, 10  

Title – The 13 Colonies: The Massachusetts Bay Colony
By – Katherine Rikard
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subject – Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 9-10


  • 1 class period for the lecture
  • 10 minutes of next class for quiz

Lesson Summary:

    Lecture on the colony of Massachusetts, discussing the religious, social, political, and economic developments of the colony and how it differed from other of the original 13 colonies. Students will also write reflections on source material on the trial of Anne Hutchinson and post them on the class’s website discussion board.

Note from We do not generally post lessons that are dependent on a website link that eventually might become broken, but we really liked the idea of students posting their comments on the class website discussion board — an idea which can be adapted to most topics. Targeted South Carolina Content Standards:

      USHC-1 : Students will demonstrate an understanding of the settlement of North America.
    USHC-1.1: Summarize the distinct characteristics of each colonial region in the settlement and development of America, including religious, social, political, and economic differences. (H, E, P, G)

Student Objectives/Learning Goals:

    Students will become familiar with the settlement of Massachusetts and its significance in the settlement of the original 13 colonies. Students will hone their internet skills through the use of the discussion board on the class’s website.


      Teacher Preparation

      1. Review your textbook chapter(s) regarding the 13 colonies, in particular Massachusetts.
      2. Create an outline of key points to be discussed during the class lecture/discussion.
      3. Use a map of the 13 colonies, zooming in on the Massachusetts Bay Colony as a visual aid.
      4. Review The Trial of Anne Hutchinson source and create the criteria for the grading of student reflections.
      5. Create a thread on the class’s website discussion board for students to post their reflections on The Trial of Anne Hutchinson source.
      6. Create a short answer quiz to be taken by students the class period following the lecture.


    1. Review the introduction to the 13 colonies the class before.
    2. Introduce the settlement of Massachusetts, beginning with the settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629 at Salem
    3. Discuss what led to the “Great Migration” – religious persecution in England
    4. Discuss the close nature of church/state relations and how it influenced taxation and education in the colony
    5. Continue to lecture following the lecture outline prepared from the text
    6. Encourage students to actively participate in the lecture/discussion by posing questions during the lecture
    7. Introduce Anne Hutchinson and give students the URL where they can find the source.
    8. Explain the reflections assignment to students
    9. Take student questions on the assignment/lecture
    10. Inform students they will be quizzed on the text chapter(s) and lecture at the beginning of next class.

Materials and Resources Required For Unit:

  • Printed Materials:
    • textbooks
    • map of the 13 colonies
    • outline of lecture
    • quiz on the material presented (for the next class period)
    • outline of criteria for grading student reflections
  • Supplies:
    • Whiteboard
  • Internet Resources:

Multimedia Components:

      1 Internet site activity

      1 Word Processing activity

Student Assessment:

  • Students will take a short answer quiz the following class period on the class lecture and the text regarding the colony of Massachusetts.
  • Students will also write reflections on the source using Microsoft Word and post them on the class’s website discussion board under the “Discussion of the Trial of Anne Hutchinson” thread.
  • Reflection grades will be based on the following criteria:
    • the student displays thorough content knowledge of the source through references to specific passages
    • the student has used critical thinking skills to connect the source to the lecture and textbook chapter.

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