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This webquest uses different search engines to research pro and con opinions on changing Native American school mascot names


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Opinions on Native American Mascot Name Changes Webquest
By – John Skaggs
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subject – Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 9-12


    Native Americans and the changing of school mascot names


    This lesson gives students a better understanding of the opinions of people of different cultures in and around your region.

Content Standards:

      Compare, evaluate, and select appropriate internet search engines to locate information.

        2.1 – Diversity of People, Place, and Culture

        5.1 – Information Processing

      6.2 – Group Discussion


  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Microsoft Word or other word processor


    “For this assignment, you will visit four different websites using different internet search engines. I want you to get different people’s views and stances about colleges and schools having to change their mascot names because they are named after Native Americans. I want two pro and two con opinions about the name changing. Make sure the websites use appropriate language for our classroom. I want you to use different search engines, so be sure you type out which ones you used and how you found the websites you ultimately used. This assignment is due at the end of the week.”


    The students will present one pro and one con view in front of the class on the day it is due. Evaluate how well they comprehended the assignment based on how well the assignment is presented.

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