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This lesson on the Renaissance Period involves a PowerPoint Presentation


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  


5, 6  

Title – Renaissance Period PowerPoint Presentation
By – Jeanette Hallum
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 5th / 6th
Click here for the Renaissance Worksheet
Renaissance extension project: Create a PowerPoint presentation about an individual, event, discovery, work of art or architecture.

Social Studies:
Recognize the sequence of historical events and the role of historical individuals and their impact on contemporary issue.

Instructional Technology:
Demonstrate the usage of a wide variety of application software.

Visual Art:
Identify purposes of visual art in history and culture.

Computers, PowerPoint software, television projection system, Web site –

Review basic Renaissance information from previous class investigations and tour of Philbrook Art Museum or other Art Museum. Ask for responses in complete sentences. What does “renaissance” mean? Where and when did the Renaissance occur? What are some significant people, places, or events of this period of history?

1. Use the television or LCD hookup to the computer to demonstrate the parts of a PowerPoint slide.
2. Students will select or be assigned a topic.
Sample topics:
          Leonardo DaVinci
          Prince Henry of Portugal
          Hernando Cortez
          The Cathedral in Florence
          Martin Luther
          Christopher Columbus
          Sistine Chapel
          Palazzo Vechio
          Golden Ratio
3. Open PowerPoint software and create a title page:
          General title – “The Renaissance” – font size 60
          Sub-title – “Assigned topic”          – font size 54          
          Creator’s name – “By student name”          – font size 32 or more
4. Choose a background to use and apply to all slides.
5. Go to web site to select other information to include in a 2nd and 3rd slide.
6. Insert a picture or diagram on one of the slides.
7. Create a closing or end slide.
8. Put student slides together into one Renaissance presentation.

Save PowerPoint file on individual diskettes or folder in “My Documents”. Review activities done that day and anticipate the steps needed to complete the project.

Does each student have a PowerPoint presentation with at least two slides completed? Is this filed save on a diskette or appropriate folder?

Complete individual presentations during next class period. Present to fellow classmates. *Optional – Compile into one PowerPoint and put in on school web page.

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