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This back-to-school ice breaker idea looks at classroom diversity


Social Studies  


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Title – Classroom Diversity
By – JoAnne Harmon

This would be a great icebreaker at the beginning of a new school year, and especially if you have multi ethnic children.

At the first open house, or at orientation, have a large map of the world hanging for everyone to see. Ask the parents to take a pushpin and pinpoint where their ancestors or they themselves came from in the world.

Then use each country as a social studies lesson, and even ask the parents or family member to come in and talk a little about that country. Include books, maps, brochures and even food native to that area.

The children will have a great time sampling the different foods and seeing the countries in the maps and brochures. They will hear first hand about that country ( things not often mentioned in textbooks). and it will make the lesson more memorable. This lesson could be adapted for reading classes also.

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