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“Come to my Country” brochures are created in this geography lesson


Social Studies  




Title – Come to My Country
By – Susan Stolley
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 7


Create a brochure that would attract tourists to a country in the Middle East. The purpose is to convince people to come vacation in the country you choose.

  1. Choose a Country: __________________________
  2. Gather Facts: To attract tourists, your brochure will need to include information about resources, environment and opportunities. You are to gather facts about the country you choose. Fill in the blanks for each section below with the information you collect.

Geography: Some of the important landforms and bodies of water in my country are:




Tourist Attractions: Some of the interesting locations tourists might want to visit:




People: The native people in my country are:




Government: The system of government in my country is:




Economy: The different ways in which people make a living in my country are:




Religion: The religious beliefs of the people in my country are:




Daily life: Some interesting aspects of daily life include:




Now… create bold, strong images that will make tourists want to come to your country. Remember that you are competing with other countries for valuable tourist spending dollars for your economy. Create pictures for the categories you gathered facts for. These images need to be done with colored pencils. Make your brochure professional and legible. There should be no errors or misspellings.

What you will be graded on:

______Geography (5 points)

______Tourist Attractions (5 points)

______People (5 points)

______Government (5 points)

______Economy (5 points)

______Religion (5 points)

______Daily Life (5 points)

______Pictures (5 points)

______Is your project completed? (5 points)

______Neatness (5 points)

______TOTAL POINTS (out of 50)

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