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This is a good lesson on modes of transportation in the community


Social Studies  




Title – Transportation
By – Rachel Fayard
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – K

I. Concepts

      Transportation in the community

II. Behavioral Objectives

    The student will discuss and identify modes of transportation in the community and others found through out the world.

III. Alabama Course of Study

      17. Become familiar with the physical features of the school and the surrounding locality.

IV. Materials

      1. Book:

“This is the Way We Go to School”

      identifying different types of transportation.


      2. Felt Board


      3. Air, water, and land transportation pieces with Velcro


      4. Sheets of paper with picture of bus, car, or van


      5. Crayons

V. Teaching/Learning Procedures

      A. Motivation

        1. The teacher will ask “Does anyone know what the word transportation means?” and “Do you know any types of transportation?” and ” How do you get to school each day?”


        2. She will go over the meaning with the class and introduce the book.


        3. The teacher will read the book aloud to the class. She will stop periodically and ask questions such as, ” Do you see any differences in the way these children go to school?”


      B. Instructional Procedures

        1. After reading the book, the teacher will have children identify the different forms of land, water, and air transportation. Next, she will ask them to come up with other modes of transportation the book didn’t mention. She will then show them the pictures of kinds of transportation.


        2. The students will be asked to place these modes of transportation on the felt board under each category: water, air, and land.


      3. The teacher will discuss the modes and have children explain their reasons for placing it in the particular category.

VI. Closure

      1. The teacher will ask the students to compare and contrast the different modes of transportation.


    2. The students will be asked to go back to their seats and will be given either a bus, car, or van. They will color the one that they travel to school in each day. The teacher will make a graph in order to visually display the results.

VII. Evaluation

      1. The teacher will listen to the students’ answers during the story for comprehension.


      2. The teacher will observe children as they place different modes of transportation on the felt board.


    3. The teacher will observe the student’s ability to visually display the mode of transportation they use to get to school each morning.

VIII. Professional Evaluation

      1. Did the students seem to enjoy this activity?


      2. What will I do differently?


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