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A Social Studies lesson on Costa Rica


Social Studies  


4, 5  

Social Studies Lesson on Costa Rica

Sara Broughton


: Diary Entry of a Costa Rican Child


: Wednesday March 19,1997: 9:15-10:15
a.m. and 12:35-1:15 p.m.

Performance Expectations

: Students will be expected to
create a diary entry typical to that of a Costa Rican child.
Within this activity the students should demonstrate what they
have learned about Costa Rican children, daily activities such
as chores, school, and meals.

Content Area

: Sociology and Language Arts


: writing, using previous knowledge, and discussion


: video on Costa Rica, VCR, TV, loose leaf paper,
and pen or pencil


: During the first hour the teacher will show
a video on Costa Rica as a way to bring closure to the unit.
This video should cover the different aspects of Costa Rica that
were covered throughout the unit (geography, education, government,
culture, economy, and history). Afterwards the class should
discuss the video. During the first half of the language arts
period the students will write a pretend diary entry of a Costa
Rican child close to their age. The students should have many
ideas to use for this activity since this is activity is being
done at the end of the unit. There should be no more research
at this point, of course questions are always allowed. Encourage
the students to keep in mind what they have learned about Costa
Rica and the children. They should mention different things such
as school, chores, meals and daily routines like getting up in
the morning and going to bed at night. This is the time for students
to show what they have learned throughout the unit. This is not
a test but will be used as a means of assessment.


: Since this activity will used to assess the
student’s knowledge of Costa Rica, they may need additional time
to work on their diary entry. The teacher could also have the
students proofread each other’s entries and then do a final draft
in which spelling, punctuation, and grammar will be taken into
account. Since this is a diary entry this may not be authentic
for the students. You could discuss this with the students and
explain that we don’t normally proofread diary entries rather
they are for personal use only.


: Since this activity is being used as a form
of assessment for the entire unit the students will be given a
grade for this activity. A rubric should be provided so that
the students know exactly what is expected of them and on what
they will be graded. It is up to the individual teacher on whether
she or he wants to give a letter grade, number grade and how much
this activity is worth.


: none

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