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Another Social Studies lesson on Costa Rica (Resources)


Social Studies  


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Social Studies Lesson on Costa Rica #3

Sara Broughton

Title: Resources of Costa Rica

Date/Time/Length: Thursday March 13, 1997: 9:15-10:15 a.m.

Performance Expectations: The students will be able to
state the different resources of Costa Rica and explain the importance
of them. They will also be expected to make a collage showing
different resources.

Content Area: Economics

Strategy: brainstorming and discussion

Materials: magazines, crayons or markers, construction
paper, scissors, and glue

Directions: The teacher will begin this activity by having
the students brainstorm different resources, using what they have
already learned about Costa Rica. After brainstorming the class
will share ideas and discuss the different resources of Costa
Rica. Next the class will discuss the importance of these resources.
The teacher should let the students discover this on their own
by sharing ideas with peers and using reference materials. The
teacher’s role is to be the facilitator, guiding the students
and answering any questions. The second part of this activity
includes making a collage of Costa Rica’s resources. The students
will be given a piece of construction paper and they may cut out
pictures from magazines or design their own. Their collages will
be hung around the classroom for everyone to see.

Adaptation: Instead of designing a collage, the teacher
could make a writing activity out of this lesson. You could also
have the students draw or cut out pictures and then have them
write captions below each picture, explaining the resource and
it’s importance to Cost Rica.

: Have the students write in their journals
what they learned new about Costa Rica and it’s resources. Throughout
the unit you could have them do this after each activity to make
sure they are gaining knowledge about Costa Rica.

: Sawicki, S. (1987).
Costa Rica…in pictures. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company.

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