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One more Social Studies lesson on Costa Rica


Social Studies  


4, 5  

Social Studies Lesson on Costa Rica #4

Sara Broughton

Title : Making Traditional Costa Rican Recipes

Date/Length/Time : Wednesday March 5, 1997: 9:15-11:20 a.m.

Performance Expectations : Students will familiarize themselves with some traditional Costa Rican recipes and will also use math skills to convert the serving sizes to enough for the entire class.

Content Area : Math and Sociology

Strategy : math skills, reading, and following directions

Materials : Costa Rican recipes, ingredients to make foods, cooking utensils: bowls, measuring cups and spoons, mixer, rolling pin, wax paper

Directions : This activity will begin by discussing the different types of foods and recipes of Costa Rica. The students will be provided with a multicultural cookbook and other reference materials. After discussing and learning about the different foods, the students will be divided into five groups. Each group will be allowed to pick one of five recipes they wish to prepare for the class. Since the ingredients will have to be ready, the teacher will have already chosen five recipes and the groups will draw numbers to see who picks first. All of this will take place during the first hour. During the second hour the students will do the necessary preparations for their dish except for the actual cooking which will requires a stove or an oven. If the recipe makes five servings, the students need to convert the recipe so there is enough for each student. One student from each group will take the mixture home and finish preparing it there. On Thursday the students will have lunch in the classroom sharing their Costa Rican dishes.

Adaptation : At the beginning of the unit a letter will be sent home to the parents explaining our different activities and asking for parents’ help and support. You will want to contact those parents who offered to help and see if they would assist their child in preparing his or her group’s dish. Hopefully there will be five different parents who are willing to do this and then you can assign one of those students to a different group. If not the teacher may have to cook some of the dishes at home if he or she wishes to do this activity. For some of the recipes you may want to have the students convert from four or five servings to ten or fifteen just so there is enough for the students to have a taste. However, if they sample the food during their lunch period you want to make sure there is enough food for a balanced meal. When picking out different recipes you will also want to take this into consideration. Before this activity is done you will need to make sure that each student is able to eat the different foods that are being prepared, for whatever reasons (allergies, religion).

Evaluation : As the students are converting their recipes the teacher will want to walk around the groups to make sure they are doing it correctly. By doing this you will be able to see if the students understand and have the math skills to convert the recipes. At the end of the unit the students will be doing a couple of activities which will assess their knowledge of Costa Rica including traditional foods.

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Sawicki, S. (1987). Costa Rica…in pictures . Minneapolis: Lerner

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