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Here’s an idea for students to create a Native American board game


Social Studies  


5, 6  


Title – Native American Board Game
By – Tricia Moskal
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 5-6
Title: Native American Board Game

Narrative: Students will choose a partner and create a board game that relates to the Native American theme. They will be able to use any topic they have learned thus far. When the games are finished, the class will gather and play each other’s games. This activity will take 2 weeks to complete.

Objectives: Students will utilize what they have learned to create a board game.
Students will play the board games made by other classmates.

Materials: Books – Picture, information, and historical fiction books of Native Americans
Honor The Earth Powwow CD
Art materials – poster boards
felt scraps
(materials may be brought in by students)
1.The teacher will allow students to choose a partner to work with.
2.There will be resources for the students to use in creating their games.
3.The teacher will let the students freely choose what type of game they would want to create. The theme must be Native American related, but does not have to be limited to what was covered in the unit.
4.The teacher will walk around to check for understanding. Indian Powwow music will be played while students are working on their project.
5.The teacher will assist students who need ideas or help in constructing their game.

Assessment: Students will be assessed upon completion of the board game.

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