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This is an idea for creating a School / Neighborhood Map


Social Studies  


2, 3  


Title – Your School Neighborhood Map
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2-3

Paper that is large
markers or crayons
names of streets around your school.
names of any parks or stores around your school
Knowledge of how to make a legend on a map


Have students think about places and streets around their school. Have them start by making a picture of their school in the middle of the map they are about to make. Then in groups have them pick a place or street they would like to add to the map. Together after they are done with their map have the students make the legend for the map. The map when finished should have all streets around the school any parks, stores or buildings around the school and a picture of the school and playground on it. The last thing is to have a legend on the map. Talk to your students about why maps are needed and how important it is for them to be accurate.


How would a map be helpful in a natural disaster and police and law enforcement had to evacuate the area?

When is the last time your mom or dad used a map for something? Describe the situation?


Divide the class in small groups and give each group a state and then tell them a city in the state they are going to drive to. Have them develop a route to get to that city and state from where you live.

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