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An idea for keeping your classroom up-to-date with the Daily News


Social Studies  


3, 4  

   Daily News
by Beth Koch

1. Assign each student one day of the week that they will report on the news.

2. Each group meets and decides who will cover what topic. One person per topic. World News, National News, State News, Local News, School News and Sports/Weather are the topics.

3. The day the student is assigned, he/she will report are their topic i.e. Sue has World News on Tuesday. Every Tuesday during the 1st quarter Sue will summarize an article she read about or a newscast she heard. Sue will prepare for this assignment on Monday night. Sue may use the newspaper, the nightly news, the radio news, magazines etc.

4. At the end of each grading period students will be assigned a new day and will choose a new topic.

   Objectives covered:
Presenting information orally
Current Events
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