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Called “Eat Your State,” this idea creates natural resources state maps out of Food


Social Studies  


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Title – Eat Your State!
By – Angela Davidson
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – Grades 2-4
Creating a land resource map

Time Needed: 45 min.

Materials will differ depending on your state’s products
Foods I used: mini-marshmallows for cotton
peanuts for peanuts
popcorn for corn
pretzels for trees
runtz for fruit
chocolate chips for coal
goldfish for fish
1 large sugar cookie in the shape of your state

blackline master of a map of your state and its products

1. Begin by discussing what a resource map is. Because I teach fourth grade and we are studying U.S. geography, I started with a U.S. map that showed the major products of the different regions. We talked about how the different regions support different crops and resources. We discussed the key and locating the items on the map.
2. We next looked at a map of Alabama’s resources. (I had students bring in the food but did not try to include every single resource, only our major ones).
3. I then gave small groups of students a sugar cookie in the shape of Alabama. I enlarged a blackline, cut it out, and traced out my finished sheet cookie.
4. Students used the map to place our resources (the food) on their map.
5. After completing the map, students get to eat their map!!

My students really enjoyed this activity and they definitely remember what a land resource map is!!

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