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Another Social Studies lesson, this one on Egyptian Irrigation


Social Studies  


3, 4, 5  

Denise Young


Lesson Plan Subject: Social Studies

Lesson Plan Title: Egyptian Irrigation


The lesson plan:



A Objectives

1. Students will be able to diagram describe the ancient Egyptian system of irrigation.

2. Students will be able to explain the importance of irrigation to farming in ancient Egypt.


B Focus and Review

1. Discuss the definition of irrigation and why irrigation is necessary.

2. Have students identify the effects of irrigation.

3. Use the K-W-L activity format for this discussion


C Teacher Input

1. Use the diagram “Irrigation in Ancient Egypt” as an example to illustrate the various aspects of a diagram.

2. Instruct students of activity requirements.


D Guided Practice

1. Using the overhead projector have students offer suggestions for creating a diagram.

2. Students will work individually to create a unique diagram on ancient Egypt’s irrigation system.


E Independent Practice

1. Students will also write two or three paragraphs summarizing the characteristics of Egypt’s irrigation system.


F Closure

1. Students will explain their diagrams to the class.

2. Review characteristics of Egypt’s irrigation system.


G Materials

1. “Irrigation in Ancient Egypt” diagram

2. Textbook

3. Unlined paper and colored pencils

4. Overhead projector


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