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Here are two election/constitution worksheets concerning the Executive Branch and political parties


Social Studies  


8, 9, 10, 11  


Title – Election/Executive Branch
By – Dena Raitman
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 8 – 11

I have been working on the election with my classroom. We are studying the Constitution. I ran off a copy and have them highlight the important facts about the job of the President. Then I made questions pertaining to the Constitution.


Executive Branch of the Constitution

Answer the questions using the Constitution
This is a time test – all information should have been highlighted.
You have 45 minutes to complete the test.

1.  How many years do a President and Vice-President serve?

2.  Who was the only president that was impeached?

3.  Which amendment explains how the President is elected?

4.  When the Senate is not in session, whom can the President appoint?

5.  How can the President be removed from office?

6.  Who are electors and explain how many electors a state can have?

7.  Do the people really vote for the President? If not, who then votes for the President?

8.  What qualifications does a person have to have to run for President?

9.  When does the Vice-President become the President?

10.  What does the Commander-and-Chief do?

11.  If a president wants to appoint ambassadors to foreign nations and judges to the Supreme Court what must happen before the person takes office?

12.  What are the President’s duties?

13.  When the President prepares the budget, can he put it into effect immediately? If not, then what needs to happen?

14.  Who decides the amount the President will receive as his salary?

15.  When can a President be removed from office?

This gives the students the understanding of the office of the President and why he has the power he is given. We watch many movies on the Executive Branch for Visuals.

I also wrote questions about political parties and the life of the President for the students.


Election Countdown
Answer the questions from the article:

Write True or False or Opinion

1.  _________Third party candidates should not be listed on the election ballot because they have almost no chance of winning.

2.  _________Voters on Election Day are actually choosing electors who will cast the official ballots from each state.

4.  What is the philosophy of the Democratic Party?

5.  What is the philosophy of the Republican Party?

Use your notes and articles we read to answer the following questions.

6.  Name three things you know about the Republican candidate.

7.   Name three things you know about the Democratic candidate

8.  Why is the office of the United States President the most powerful job in the world?

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