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These are multidisciplinary election lesson ideas


Art, Language Arts, Math, Music, Social Studies  




Title – Votes Are In!
By – Bobbie Lee
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts, Math, Music, Art
Grade Level – Preschool

Votes Are In! (to be used election week)

Books: Duck for President

      by Doreen Cronin


      by Eileen Christelow

Dear Mr. President (letters to Bill Clinton) Activities:

      1. Read and discuss books 2. Campaign speeches by puppet candidates (

Clifford, Mother Goose, Teddy Bear and Curious George)

      3. Voting in the Voting Booth

(Secret Ballot)

      4. Counting Votes using a chart with pictures of the candidates and a hash mark system to record and count and estimate winner


      5. Announcing WINNER!


      6. Inaugural Parade

(to the music: Hail to the Chief) Craft:

    I VOTED TODAY! Buttons with candidate pictures on them to color and wear home!

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