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Here is a great election idea from a combined pre-school/after school care facility


Social Studies  


PreK, K, 1  


Title – Election at School
By – Michelle D’Onofrio
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Math, Language Arts
Grade Level – Pre-k – 1

My pre-school has children from 6-weeks to after school care age, so to include everyone, we decided that each class would have a job. The 18-month to 2-year-olds would color pictures to hang around the school. The 2-3-year-olds would create “political party mobiles”, one for each side, to hang in the main election room. The 3-4 year olds tell the pros and cons of each side and make a graph to put on display. The Pre-K kids create a “voting area” in the main room. Lastly, the After School Kids run the election by making sure every child, teacher, and parent vote only once. They also are in charge of creating the campaign posters and counting the votes. We did this on a smaller scale with the older children during the summer (they voted for their favorite ice cream flavor) and it made all of the children feel important . This year, they’re excited to be working together as a bigger group. It takes a lot of teacher planning, but the outcome should be a Kodak moment!!

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