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The US Constitution and the Executive Branch are the subject of this lesson


Social Studies  



Title – US Constitution
By – Bryan Mallette
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 8
Lesson Plan

Name: Bryan Mallette
Date: 2/7/00
Unit Topic: US Constitution
Grade: 8th
Lesson Topic: The Executive Branch
Primary Teaching Method Used: Discussion

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to:
1. Discuss the powers assigned to the President, by the Constitution.
2. Describe the Electoral College process and it’s effect on presidential elections.
3. Outline the responsibilities of the President as the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces.
4. Identify with 100% accuracy the four major responsibilities of the President.
5. Discuss with clarity the impeachment process.

Equipment and Supplies Needed: Textbook, blackboard, chalk

Anticipatory Set: Begin with a discussion of what makes a good president. Take a straw poll of the students about their feelings on who would make the best President of the present candidates.

Sequence of Learning Activities: 1. Anticipatory set
2. Discussion of Article 2 of the Constitution
3. Assignment of homework
4. Closure

Assignments: Read Article 3 of the Constitution.

Closure: The conclusion of this lesson will be an open discussion of what powers the students feel should or should not be included as presidential powers.

Adaptations: Incorporate practical examples of how the presidential powers effect what has happened in the past four years. Include discussion about impeachment, current presidential campaign and recent military campaigns or exercises.

Student Assessment: The students will be assessed on their comprehension of these concepts during the discussion period. They will also be tested on this information at the end of the chapter.

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