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This idea involves exploring World Transportation with Toys


Social Studies  


PreK, K  


Title – Transportation for the world
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Pre-K and Kindergarten
small manipulatives of cars, airplanes, trucks and busses.
Small race cars and a play mat for them to play with them on. One with buildings on it and places to park would be wonderful.
paper and crayons


Discuss with the children what kinds of transportation we use to get from one place to another. How did your students get to school today? (truck, van, car?) How else do people travel? (airplanes, bikes, horses?)
Get out the cars and play mat and let the children play with these as their afternoon center time. While the children are playing discuss how the trucks are bigger than the cars and all the different places that they go to in their cars.

1.After the children have played with the cars and trucks and the playmat discuss with them if it would be faster to drive a car or ride a bike somewhere?

2. How many wheels does a bike have?

3. How many wheels does a car have?

4. Does anybody know what a semitruck is?

5. What does a semitruck carry?

6. Would a semitruck or a car hold more things?

7. What is your favorite color for a car?

8. Talk to your students about how people used to get from place to place a long time ago…(horses..bicycles..walk..carriages…in some places people ride in a small chair or seat and other people cull the carriage(Japan and China).

9. Discuss with the children how lucky we are to live in America and be able to have many cars and trucks and vans to ride in.

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