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This lesson plan is on families


Social Studies  



   Families - Grade 1
by Amanda L. Chivinski

This lesson plan is a great way to get started on a unit in social studies for first graders about families. This lesson will let the kids realize that each and every one of them is a unique and special part of their family. It will also let the kids see that there are a lot of similarities and differences between individuals.

Procedure: Start by putting a student in a “hot seat” in the front of the room. You be the interviewer and ask the student questions such as:

What is your favorite color, food, TV show, thing to do, subject in school, etc.

Do this with several students. Then let volunteers come up to the front of the room and ask other students the same types of questions. This will let the kids hear and see what their classmates like and dislike.

When all of the students have been interviewed, have the students tell you what things they noticed that were similar between what they said and what other people said. Do the same with things that are different.

Keep this running list on the chalkboard. That way students can see these differences afterwards when you read them together at the end of the lesson.

Have the students discuss what “same” “different” and “unique mean to them. Introduce how they are the same way on their families…they are unique, but they have similar and different qualities as their families.

As a conclusion, have the students make name tags to wear that say “NAME” is special! Or “Name” is unique! They can even draw a picture about what makes them each special on the name tag. Have them wear their nametag for the rest of the day.

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