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A list of Social Studies activities to learn about France


Social Studies  



Amy Bizelli, Becky Tieman France – Grade 5

Social Studies

Design a travel brochure for different regions

Research a French person’s life

Enact how a bill becomes a law in France

Map reading – latitude and longitude

Make a relief map of France from clay

Label a map with French cities, landforms, industries, population, etc.

Collect articles about France from the newspaper

Celebrate a holiday the way the French do

Have students enact working and/or being a customer at French markets. Students then buy all the items on a shopping list at the appropriate markets (this is different from our supermarkets).

Design a “Where in France is Carmen San Diego?” game for different locations around the country. Hold elections for students to be different positions in French government

Have a class debate on the merits of French schooling vs. American schooling

Language Arts/Literacv

Memory game with English and French vocabulary

Be a pen pal with a French student

Research French folktales

Fine Arts

Dress up as a French person and tell about their life

Act out a scene from a French book or play

Listen and compare the music of different French composers

Paint a scene like the French painter of your choice


Plan a trip around France and calculate the mileage

Convert metric measurements to English equivalents


Cook a French meal

Make perfume

Field trip to a winery (taste – test different sparkling grape juices)

Physical Education

Play boules

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