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This hands-on idea for illustrating assembly line and mass production concepts involves sandwiches


Social Studies  




Title – Assembly Line
By – Sharon Krasner
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 8th

Materials: Foam pieces for sandwich, stopwatch, candy

This is a lesson plan I used to get across the idea behind an assembly line and mass production.

I create some “sandwich” pieces using colored foam. I started the lesson by having one student put the sandwich together according to my specifications (bread, lettuce, meat, cheese, tomato, bread) while I timed them. Next, I separated my class into four “lines”, with one student at the end of each line as my quality control ‘engineer’. I distributed the pieces and explained that they were now going to make the sandwiches, with the team that did it the fastest winning a prize (I used hard candy). The ‘engineer’ would check the finished product for correct order and hold it up. I would stop the watch at that point.

We had two trial runs so they could get the rhythm down. On the final run, I timed them, with the fastest group winning the prize. After we were done, we talked about how we had made four sandwiches in the time it took to make one, the $5 a day assembly line, how each person is responsible for a piece of the finished product, etc.

The kids had a great time.

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