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This Social Studies lesson is on the History of Spain


Social Studies  



Title – History of Spain
By – Kristen Patterson
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – Grade 5

Goal: The students will be able to recognize symbols, system of government, and the flag of Spain.

1.) The students will work in groups of four or five to recreate the flag of Spain.
2.) The students will learn about the system of government used in Spain. The students will be able to list at least three differences between Spain’s system of government and the system used in the United States.

Resources in the classroom
Flag of Spain
Construction Paper
History of Spain worksheet

a.) Pre-Instructional Assessment – To find out what the students already know prior to the lesson, the teacher will ask the students to name some systems of government. The teacher will start them off by naming one, monarchy. What are some others? What system of government is the United States under? The teacher will write down the student’s answers on the board. Then, the teacher will ask the students, wouldn’t you like to know what system of government Spain is under? What kind of system do you think they are under? The teacher informs the students to make an educated guess and we will see if you are right.
b.) Instructional Strategies – The teacher will pass out the History of Spain worksheet and tell the students that they are to find out what three differences are between the system of government in Spain and the United States system of government. Note: The students were taught the United States system of government prior to this lesson. The teacher will instruct the students to use the resources in the classroom, the Internet, trade books, encyclopedias, etc. to find out what the system of government in Spain was. The teacher will tell the students to use anything in class. After they have completed this, the teacher will collect the worksheet and the students can start making the flag of Spain in groups of four or five. The groups have to first find out what the flag of Spain looks like, so the teacher has programmed software on the computer that has different country flags on it. The students will take turns looking at this and then will move to their tables and create the flag. The students are to use anything to be as creative and neat as possible. Each group of four gets two sheets of 11×13 red construction paper and one sheet of yellow 11×13 construction paper, along with many other materials in the classroom.
c.) Closure/Review/Summary – The students will show their group’s flag to the class. Each groups flag will be put on the “Going to Spain” bulletin board out in the hall. The teacher also instructs the children to pick up any scraps that may be laying on the floor and throw them in the scraps box.
d.) Post-Instructional Assessment – To know if the students have mastered the lesson, the teacher will grade the “History of Spain” worksheet, according to these standards:
++ = Lists three differences, using complete sentences.
+ = Lists two to two and a half differences, uses complete sentences.
+- = Lists one to two differences, not complete sentences.
— = Little or no effort
e.) Reteaching – For reteaching this lesson, I would ask that the students who had difficulty grasping Spain’s system of government and the differences between Spain’s system of government and the United States system of government, I would meet with the students and go over each system very thoroughly and explain the differences and the similarities, so that they understand them well.
f.) Enrichment – While the teacher is reteaching the students who don’t understand the lesson, the students who know what they are doing may go on the Internet or they may look at a software on the computer that has been installed by the teacher to look at different country flags and find out other countries system of government. The software is called the National Geographic Atlas.

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