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This lesson idea is on Feelings and Solving Problems without Fighting


Social Studies  


PreK, K  


Title – How do I feel?
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Preschool and Kindergarten
white paper/paper plate
a book about feelings

Read a book about feeling to the children. Then talk about how everyone feels when different things happen in their life. For instance how would they feel if someone would not share a toy with them? Then have the children make a happy face and a sad face. Have the teacher think of different things and then have the children put up the sad face or happy face depending on how they feel. Here are some examples the teacher could say: How would you feel if…
Your mom took you out for ice cream?
Your grandma was sick with a cold?
It is raining outside?
You had pizza for lunch?
After talking about these things for awhile then trying using this to teach something about being nice to one another. Here are some examples: How would you feel if..
Your friend was sad?
Your friend pushed you?
Your friend would not play with you?
Then talk to the class about how to use their words to express how they feel. Not by hitting or crying but by talking!!

To think about their feelings and the feelings of others. How to solve problems without fighting.

The teacher might also want to talk to the class about what other people can do to make people feel better when they are sad. Here are some examples of questions to get kids thinking in that direction:
How would you feel if…
a friend of yours was crying?
a friend of yours pet died?
a friend of yours was sick?
Then discuss these things with the class.
This is a great way to explain to children that it is very important for them to let people know how they feel and to tell someone if something is wrong or they are upset.

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