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This lesson idea is on How People Travel


Social Studies  


PreK, K, 1  

Title – How People Travel

By – Cathie Arnold

Subject – Social Studies

Grade Level – pre-k-1

This is a hands on lesson that focuses on the children’s understanding of all kinds of travel. In advance have several pictures of types of transportation that can be classified as moving on land, in the air, and through the water. Examples are boats, jet skis, rafts, hot air balloons, gliders, airplanes, helicopters, trains, cars, horses, trucks, etc. I try to find unusual modes of transportation to promote discussions. Also the teacher needs to have three rug size pieces of butcher paper. I use dark blue for the water, green for the land, and white or light blue for the sky. Lay the pieces of butcher paper on the floor around the room, then either give each child or groups of children a variety of the pictures. The object is to put each picture on the correct ‘landscape’. This can be made into a game or just for fun. I also keep a checklist to assess children’s understanding. Use your imagination and have fun.


Cathie Arnold


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