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This lesson idea is on Journeys and preparation for them


Social Studies  


5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Journeys
By – Sharon Hargis
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 5-8

Materials: 1. Packet with information on 4-5 regions (Arctic, Amazon, African Safari, Underwater Ocean Voyage, Outer Space, Himalayan Mt., etc..)
2. “Nourishment” for traveling (“snowcaps”, animal crackers in box, “Anaconda” gummy worms, meteorites-knobby peanut candy, shark bites, etc.
3. paper
4. Pens

Procedures: Groups of four
Each group is given a packet for their region that includes climate, wildlife, plant life, and maps of physical features. (Students may collect this information themselves, but they must be allowed more time.) Each group member studies a particular feature and shares with the group his findings. (While they prepare for the journey, they can have their nourishment). They write in 1st person and each group member is responsible for at least 1 journal entry per day until the adventure is over- 3rd day – or eaten by a wild animal!! After all group members contribute and write final drafts, they combine their work into a booklet and share aloud their adventure day by day. Great fun!

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