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Alaskan Unit Lesson #3


Language Arts, Social Studies  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Alaskan Unit Lesson #3
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – K-3rd grade
Today’s lesson is about ice fishing which is very popular in Alaska. Have a list of questions on a piece of paper and hand them t0o each group of students. Have them then go to the computer and the internet and find the answers about ice fishing in Alaska. Here are some examples of questions?

What part of the year do most Eskimo people go ice fishing?
What do they try to catch? What kind of fish is most popular?
Name a lake or river where ice fishing is popular?
What is an average size fish to catch?
How do they ice fish?
What type equipment do they use?
Does the whole family ice fish?
How do some people in Alaska make a living?
Is ice fishing dangerous do you think? Why or why not?

After the children have worked together to find out the answers to these questions have groups share their answers with another group. Have them talk about other information they found out about while they researching the question.

Talk to the class about the fact that they are like investigating reporters who are investigating ice fishing. Now using the information they obtained form the questions they looked up on the Internet have them write an article about ice fishing in Alaska. Have them sign their name
Reported by:____________________

If they would like have them share their report with the rest of the class.

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