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To complete this lesson, students create a diorama depicting a cause or effect of the American Revolution


Art, Language Arts, Social Studies  



Title – American Revolution Dioramas
By – Melanie Johnson
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 4

Standards for Grade 4:

      Social Studies:

        Identify the developments, major events, and notable figures involved in the separation of the thirteen colonies from England.

        Describe the key events and effects of the American Revolution on the new country.

      Language Arts:

        Demonstrate the ability to face an audience, make eye contact, and use the appropriate voice level.

      Demonstrate the ability to use visual aids, props, and technology to support and extend his or her meaning and enhance his or her oral presentations

Curriculum Areas: Social Studies & Language Arts


The students will create a report and diorama to show an understanding of the causes and effects of the American Revolution.


      Shoe box

      Colored paper


      Any other materials to create a diorama

      Computer with Internet access




    Notebook paper


      The students will research a famous person or event from the American Revolution. There are several websites that give useful information for the students to use. Other topics may include flags, taxes, acts, slaves, women, or documents that contributed to the revolution.
      The students will print the information out and highlight the important facts.
      Then, they will write the research in their own words to create a report.
    The students will create a diorama corresponding to their topic. The students will present their research and diorama to the class.


    The students will receive a grade for their accuracy and creativity on their research and diorama. I also had my students take notes while their peers presented their information. This ensured me that everyone was paying attention and it didn’t make the presenter as nervous. I gave the students a separate grade on how well they took notes.

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