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Learn about Labor Day with this lesson


Social Studies  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Labor Day Tools
By – Kathy Shinn
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-2
This is a very simple “hands-on” lesson plan for grades K-3.
I usually begin this mini-unit reading Curious George Takes a Job to the children. Discussion follows.
After discussing that Labor Day is a special day for all of the people who work, the children will generate a discussion about the jobs that their parents do. Point out that some people have to work on Labor Day and some don’t. This will generate the idea that the “safety” jobs such as doctors, nurses, police, etc. are needed everyday.
After this preliminary discussion, ask the children to go home and interview their parents about their jobs and then bring in a tool of their trade! The children will need to bring in a tool (e.g. a pencil, face mask, hard hat, etc.) that their parents use in their job. The children LOVE telling their classmates about their tool! ( I have had some very unique things come in!) It has also opened doors for parents to come in to talk about their work!
It is a great way to start the year! It also gives the children their first chance to talk in front of the class!

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