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This is an African-American history research scavenger hunt


Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Social Studies  


7, 8  

Title – Let’s Explore African American History
By – Kerrianne Lynch
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 7-8

Your task is to follow each page of the scavenger hunt and complete the assignment. You will use the websites provided to help you with your search. If a website is no longer in existence, it is your responsibility to find the information on another site using .

Answer the following questions using the websites below:


1. Who is Dred Scott? Why is he important?

2. Click on the following site
and read the auction ad carefully. Describe what the ad is selling. Describe how you feel about what you are seeing.

3. What is the Underground Railroad? Choose one of the people who worked for the Underground Railroad, describe two important parts of their life AND why do YOU think that they joined the Underground Railroad. (William Still, Gerrit Smith, Salmon Chase, David Ruggle, Thomas Garrett, William Purvis, Jane Grey Swisshelm, William Wells Brown, Frederick Douglass, Henry David Thoreau, Lucretia Mott, Charles Langston, Levi Coffin and Susan B. Anthony)

4. Follow this site to learn about Harriet Tubman.
Before moving on complete the online quiz and report your score on your paper.

African Americans in the Military

5. African Americans in the military are often overlooked. However, they were an essential part of many wars for American. Fill in information about the three different groups.
Would you have joined the military if you were an African American during the time of unequal civil rights? Why or why not?

Civil Rights Heroes

6. Learn more about individuals who decided to fight for their equal rights. Describe each person(s) and what they did to fight for equal civil rights. (Mary McLeod Bethune, John Brown, Linda Brown, Ruby Bridges, Frederick Douglass, Medgar Evers, Marcus Garvey, Jesse Jackson, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Homer Plessy, Dred Scott, Sojourner Truth, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X)


7. Emmett Till was a 14-year-old boy from Chicago who was murdered in Mississippi because he flirted with a white female. The murder left a lasting impression on many because of the shocking confession printed in a local magazine. Read part of the confession here:

8. Go to the following website and read the section about TEEN LIFE in Chicago and TEEN LIFE in Mississippi where Emmett Till was murdered.
In a paragraph explain the differences between the two parts of the United States for teens at this time.

9.The men could not be retried because of Double Jeopardy: Define double jeopardy using the following site:
Do you think this law is good or bad? Think about other cases as well.

African American scientists and inventors

10. Choose two African American scientists and inventors and write down their accomplishments.


11. Learn about Jackie Robinson here.,6709,714576,00.html
Take the quiz and report your score before continuing.

12. There have been struggles for blacks in sports history, but here you can learn about the firsts. Choose African American sports stars and list who they are and what they accomplished.

13. Who is Jesse Owens? Find out here:

Pictures in black and white

14. Go to this website of pictures and search through a few.
Write a short newspaper article about one of the pictures that strikes you the most.

For example: Klan Leader With No Shame Klan leader James Jones drives with his Klan uniform in his car in open and plain sight. In today’s world things have changed greatly and the sight of this man and this uniform puts many people on edge.

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