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Here students research and compose their own version of Dr. King’s “I have a Dream” speech


Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Social Studies  



Title – His Dream Continues
By – Laura Smith
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 1

Daily Review:

      Prior Learning,




    Thinking Skills

Academic Objectives: The student will research Martin Luther King Jr. and his accomplishments. He/she will participate in a class discussion of all research findings. The class will compose their own version of his famous “I have a dream” speech.


      ELA –

        1.W1.2; 1-W1.3;




        1-W1.6.2; 1-W2.1;


        1-W3.1; 1-W4.1


        1-C1; 1-C2


      Technology –

        1-RS1; 1-RS2


    Social Studies –

      1-1.5; 1-4.3;1-5.1

Lesson Introduction: After the students have returned from the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, the teacher will introduce and open a discussion of the holiday’s meaning. The teacher will also explain the holiday’s importance to America and its citizens. The teacher may also choose to use literature to reinforce the lesson. Literature used: A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr.

Instructional Process:

      Activity #1: Students will listen to selected literature about Martin Luther King Junior. Brainstorm ideas and important aspects about his life.
      Notes: Use books, research findings, and prior knowledge. Write brainstormed ideas into a circle map or a bubble map to keep it organized.
      Activity #2: The class will then watch the teacher use the search engines,,, and, to find more information.
      Notes: By using a AVER key, the students may stay at their desks.
      Activity #3: Each student will be paired up with another student. Two pairs will work in the computer center at one time (1 computer per pair). Each pair will search using three search engines. They will write down 5 things they find (date of birth, place of birth, etc.)
      Notes: Place a separator between the computers to encourage individual work. More information and understanding will be gained by using team work.
      Activity #4: After each pair has gotten the chance to search the internet, the class will meet again to discuss their findings. After writing down information that was missing, the teacher will introduce the last activity.
      Notes: Allow 2-3 days for research.
      Activity #5: The student will think about what they dream about for the world they live in right now. The class will discuss and decide on two things. The students will write the class dream. The writings will be published into a class book.
      Notes: My class decided on “

We have a dream that everyone will have a friend and no one will ever go hungry.

Homework or extension activity: Based upon a survey sent home in the beginning of the year, most homes do not use computers and/or the internet on a daily or weekly basis. There will not by an assignment for homework. We will extend this activity with different units. The lesson can be adapted to any unit or subject.

Assessment/Reflection: The class will reflect on facts learned about Martin Luther King Jr. over the past week. The teacher will assess ‘dream’ writing as information gathered from facts obtained from entire unit. Formal assessment will be the rubric of the ‘dream’ writings. The unit’s purpose is to enhance their learning and understanding about the world around them.

Targeted Practices:

      Assessment – Rubric attached


      Cooperative Learning Styles – Kinesthetic (use of computer), Auditory (Literature/Discussion), etc.


      Learning – Class discussions, Paired research, Class “dream”


      Multiple Intelligences


      Technology/Internet (Search Engines – google, yahoo, yahooligans)


    Cross-Curricula Lesson (Subjects: ELA, Social Studies)


Writing Rubric

This will change according to our writing assignments.

Name: ___________________________

1st Grade Observational Rubric
______________________ Creativity (8 pts)
______________________ Standard and Inventive Spelling (2 pts)
______________________ Capitalization (2 pts)
______________________ Punctuation (2 pts)
______________________ Spacing (2 pts)
______________________ Descriptive Language (3 pts)
______________________ Combined/Extended Sentence (1 pt)

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