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This classroom behavior modification idea was inpired by the movie “Groundhog’s Day”


Social Studies  



Title – Stand up, Bill Murray!
By – Sharon Skinner
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – Year 10


    A pass in Year 10 English is crucial before the students can proceed successfully to college, especially if they want to go on to university. For this reason, I am trying a new way to modify the inappropriate behavior of my students.


  • I am using the Bill Murray character in the Movie ‘Groundhog Day’, as a behaviour theme guide for this year. In the movie, the character makes the same old mistakes every day until he finally gets it right, has changed his bad habits, and can move on with his life.
  • I will start by discussing this movie with the students, most of whom will have seen it. We will all agree to improve our behaviours and study/work habits (including me) to make it fair, over the term/semester/year.
  • Anyone repeating the same old mistakes, inappropriate habits or unacceptable behaviours, gets to be called “Bill Murray.” This will not impress the girls, so I expect that they will get right on board with their work ethic, behaviour etc.
  • If I mess up, they get to call me “Bill Murray” as well.

Concluding Note:

    This idea is just a bit of fun and entertainment to break the monotony. Hopefully this will help students to modify/improve their behaviour and improve their work/study ethic. And many thanks to Bill himself! Any criticisms or improvements will be accepted with thanks.

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