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Here’s an idea for students to make flags for different countries


Language Arts, Social Studies  




Title – Making Flags for different Countries
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – Grade 3

construction paper
stars that are stickers
plain white paper in squares


Roll up a sheet of plain white paper into a flag pole. Then use different colors of construction paper to glue together a flag of a certain country. Make the flag the same as the country’s flag by adding stickers, circles or stars of the correct color. Tape the flag onto the flagpole that you made with your paper.

Language Arts:
Talk about the country that you made the flag of. Discuss with the class what language they speak and what their flag represents. Who created their flag? Why? What are the colors symbolic of??

If desired have the children write a report of the country they choose for their flag. Have the children describe the imports and exports of the country. What the language they speak is and about how many people live there? Other interesting facts could include the year it became a country. What is their countries song? Have the children get a copy of the song and play it for the class.


Have the students parade around the classroom with their flags. Have them dress in costumes and wave their flags. This could be done after the reports are given and as a closing to this unit on Flags of the World.

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