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Transportation: Create a Land/Air/Water Pocket Chart Graph


Language Arts  


PreK, K, 1  

Title – Transportation
By – T Gorman
Primary Subject –¬†Language Arts
Grade Level – Pre-K-1


Students will become familiar with various types of transportation and how they are used.


  • On the Go by Ann Morris
  • toy vehicles, planes, boats etc.
  • pocket chart
  • pictures of different types of transportation


  • Allow students to explore and play with the transportation toys
  • Read the story On the Go


  • After reading the story, discuss where they saw the different types of transportation: land, air, water
  • Label the pocket chart: land, air, water
  • Hold up one picture card at a time and have the students name the vehicle.
  • Allow them to decide if the vehicle operates on land, air, or water. Have them place the card under the correct heading
  • Continue in this manner until all the cards are place in the pocket chart.
  • Point out to the children that the cards made a bar graph.
  • Discuss the data from the graph:
    Which has the most: land, air , or water? …the least?
    Do any have the same amount?
    How many vehicles in all?

Follow Up:

Have students draw pictures of their favorite types of land, air and water transportation vehicles.

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