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This is a lesson on voting and holding office


Language Arts, Math, Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – The American Way – Every Vote Counts
By – Crystal Moore
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts, Math
Grade Level – 9-12

Exceptional Children Grade Level:

    Specialized Academic Curriculum (SAC) 9 -11th graders

Lesson Summary:

    The purpose of this lesson is to focus on the importance of voting. If a lesson is designed to focus on our democratic responsible as law-abiding citizens, then hopefully all students will make it their civic duty to impose their right to vote. Also, this lesson is designed to empower students to speak with confidence and authority.

Focus and Review:

      Discuss our past voting activities.

      Discuss why you should vote.

    Review the voting process.

Anticipatory Setting:

    Showcase photos of people elected due to the voting process. Give extra points on the Behavior Point System Chart if a student recognizes the photo of Emmit Smith (winner of the reality show Dancing With The Stars)

North Carolina Extensions of the Standard Course of Study

      Competency Goal 1:

        English/Language Arts: 10th Grade

        The learner will explore and express reflections and reactions to print and non-print multi-cultural/world text

      • Comprehend print and non-print multi-cultural
        expressive multi-cultural/world text
      • Communicate reactions orally and in writing to multi-cultural/world text and experience

      Competency Goal 3:

        English/Language Arts: 10th Grade

        The learner will use experiences, world events, and/or literature to explore, identify, and/or provide support for a preference, opinion or argument.

    • Explore, interact with, and/or demonstrate
      comprehension of experiences, world events, and/or
      literature as connected to preference opinion or

      Mathematics Number and Operations: 9-12th Grade
      The learner will perform operations with numbers and expression to solve problems

    • Develop number sense for real numbers
    • Develop flexibility in solving mathematical problems
      by selecting strategies and using appropriate technology

Essential Understanding from the Concepts (Objectives):

  • To learn about the process of voting
  • To learn to choose a candidate based on positive
    character traits
  • To learn why law abiding citizens voice their
    beliefs and values through the voting process

Instructional Media and Materials:

    Paper, pencil, pen, voting sheet folder, and worktable


    George Bush Jr., George Bush Sr., George Washington, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, Barack Obama, Mel Watts, Jesse Jackson Jr., and Emmit Smith

Lesson with Guided Practice Activities:

      1. The teacher will ask each student if he/she is familiar with the photos.

      2. The teacher will ask students if they know what these photos have in common.

      3. Teacher will discuss why she chose the photos.

      4. Teacher will give extra points if a student recognizes one particular photo.

      5. Students will discuss character traits necessary to choose the right candidate.

      6. Students will cast their votes.

      7. The winning candidate will give their acceptance speech.

      8. The losing candidate will demonstrate support for the winning candidate.

    9. Teacher and TA will provide assistance as needed.

Independent Practice:

      Students submit independent vote.

    Students complete acceptance speech — includes: why I deserve your vote, etc.

Evaluation Activity:

      Teacher observation

      Follow voting direction

    Verbal acceptance speeches

Character Traits

      Class — President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary must demonstrate the following character traits:

        1. Honesty

        2. Respectful — to their peers, teachers, adults, parents, etc.

        3. Responsible — responsible for their own behavior

        4. Giving — willingness to help others on and off the school campus

        5. Follow the classroom and school rules

      6. Obtain the required points for the week listed on the Behavioral Point System Chart:

        (1) Follow all class rules, (2) Complete assignments (have spelling flash cards daily), (3) Stay in seat, (4) Keep area clean, (5) Stay out of hallway, (6) Stay on task

    Students will hold their elected position for 2 weeks.

President duties:

    1) Becomes the Teacher Assistant Assistant (TAA)

Vice President duties:

      1) Completes TAA duties when the President is absent

    2) Assists the TAA with his/her duties

Treasurer duties:

    1) Count money collected during our weekly meeting

Secretary duties:

      1) Review the candidates duties to check if they are preformed appropriately during our weekly meeting

    2) As a class discuss if a elected candidate should be relieved of his/her duties to no tolerance infractions such as blatant disrespect to teachers, fighting, suspension, dishonesty, etc. (This process will be taken at will due to the severity of the infraction)

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