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With this idea students develop “My Book About Me”


Language Arts, Social Studies  


PreK, K, 1  

Title – My Book About Me

By – Debbie Haren

Primary Subject – Social Studies

Secondary Subjects – Language Arts

Grade Level – Preschool-1st grade


5 sheets of paper per student.

A marker or pen.

Crayons or markers

Procedure: Make up sentences for every page of the book. Here is an example I did for my preschool class.

Page 1:

I live with_________________________________


then have the rest of the page for them to draw a picture of those people.

Page 2:

My favorite book is___________________________.

Have them make a picture of their favorite part of the book.

Page 3:

On the weekend I like to_________________________.

A picture of this.

Page 4:

My favorite place to eat is_______________________.

Have them draw a picture of this.

Page 5:

My favorite part of school is___________________.

This could be used for preschool or any other grade!

Then have them draw a picture of that.

Write a letter for home that this is homework and everyone needs to bring their book back to school. The students will only be graded by the fact that it is done and the child and parent(s) did it together.

If the child is young then the parent(s) need to do the writing and the child does the drawing. The important thing is that they do it together. After all the book come back to school have the children share them with the class one at a time during storytime!! The children love this and then all the kids know a little bit about each other!!


Debbie Haren


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