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Community – Community-Building Activities/Energizers


Language Arts, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4, 5  

By – Marie Allen

Community Unit Table of Contents:

Community-building activities/energizers

TSW: Demonstrate an understanding of how to cooperate with others to accomplish a goal.

Activities: To be done the last 20-25 minutes of the day, a couple of times a week.
Hula hoop body pass. Standing in a large circle, holding hands, one person starts a hula hoop going around. Every student must pass his or her entire body through the hula hoop without breaking hands. One person will time how long it takes to get the hoop around. Challenge the class to beat their time. Take a minute to discuss how they had to help each other to get the hoop around.

Koosh toss. Standing in a circle, explain to students that each person has to touch the ball in as little time as possible. They must remember who they threw the ball to and who threw it to them. Time students. When finished, explain that they are going to do it again in exactly the same order. Challenge them to beat their time. After repeating activity, brainstorm ideas to decrease time. (i.e. reorder students so they are standing next to the person they threw it to) When students have figured out that one person can hold the Koosh and touch it to each person’s hand, the time will be the least and the game is over. Discuss how they had to work together and cooperate to accomplish the fastest time.

Skin the snake: Students line up one behind another. Starting in the middle of the line, person A reaches between their legs with their left hand and grabs the right hand of the person behind them. Whoever is in front of person A, reaches back to grab person A’s right hand with their left hand. Once the chain is formed, they are ready to begin. The last person in line lies down on his back. The person in front of him backs up, straddling his body and lies down behind him. Continue until the whole group waddles back. Discuss how you had to work together to all finish.

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