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Community – Goal Setting


Language Arts, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4, 5  

By – Marie Allen

Community Unit Table of Contents:

Goal Setting

Subject: Writing

TSW: Set goals for the year, academically and personally.

Introduce: Ask for volunteers. Have a few students come up to the front. Remind them about the importance of following directions. Tell them that they need to go. If they ask where, remind them about following directions and repeat that they need to go. After a minute, ask the rest of the class what the problem is. Why can’t these students be successful? Because they don’t know where to go.

Activity: Survey the class. How many of them want to be successful? Have a good job, make money, have nice things, a family that they can take care of, etc. Just like the students at the beginning of class, how are they going to get there if they don’t know where they’re going? Talk about making decisions that will get you where you want to be. They are called Goals. Setting goals is essential for success. They give you something to strive for. They don’t have to be-shouldn’t be-unattainable. It’s good to have big goals and smaller goals along the way. Have students share some of their big goals. Now have them think of some smaller goals that will help them reach their big goals. Pass out shooting star sheets. Students need to write their big goal in the star at the top. Have them write at least three smaller goals in the tail of the star. For example, a big goal might be to graduate from college. Smaller goals could be work hard in school, participate in after school activities, and stay out of trouble. When they are finished, let them color their stars lightly and cut them out. Create a bulletin board of their goals.

Materials: Colored pencils or crayons, shooting star sheet, scissors

Assessment: Each student sets a big goal and at least three smaller goals, using complete sentences for each.

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