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Community – Service Project – Part 1


Language Arts, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4, 5  

By – Marie Allen

Community Unit Table of Contents:

Service Project – Part 1

TSW: Design and implement a service project to be done as a class in a familiar community (neighborhood or school).
TSW: Brainstorm ideas to help their communities

In teams, have students make a list of different things in their communities that concern them. Half of the teams will brainstorm the neighborhood community, and half will brainstorm the school community. One student from each team will share their list with the class. Write all ideas for each community on the board.

Go through list and have students makes suggestions for solutions to their concerns. Discuss which options are most realistic. For example, building a new recreation center to keep kids off the street may not be a viable option, but organizing an after school program might be. Vote to choose the top three options.

Assign one-third of the class to each option. Discuss all of the considerations for a project. For example, are there community organizations in place dealing with that problem that could use help? How could they involve their families? How could the school help? Does their project require any resources or money? Give each group chart paper and have them web out their project’s components. What would have to happen? How would they do it? Is there a job for everyone in the class? What are some possible problems? Teacher circulates and assists.

After 15 minutes, come back together as a class and present options. Address any aspects they may have left out and field questions from the class. Vote on which of the three options would be the best project to plan right now, keeping in mind that there’s no reason the class couldn’t do another project later if this one is successful.

Closing: Students will use their journals to reflect on how they feel about the chosen project and possible ideas. This will give them a chance to record any immediate thoughts generated by discussion.

Materials: Chart paper, markers.

Assessment: Teacher observation to see that all students are participating in the group brainstorming process.

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