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Community – What is Community?


Language Arts, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4, 5  

By – Marie Allen

Community Unit Table of Contents:

What is community?

Subject: Reading, writing

TSW: Explain what the word “community” means to him or her.

Introduce: Take two minutes to write down all the words or pictures that you think of when I say the word “Community.” Post chart paper with “COMMUNITY” written in the middle.

Activity: Each student selects their top three suggestions and writes them on a post-it notes. Each table adds their post-its to the chart paper. Have students take out their dictionaries and look up the word. Work as a team to figure out how to find a word in the dictionary. One student at each table reads the definition to the team. They decide how to rephrase it in their own words, as if explaining it to a little brother or sister.

Discuss all definitions and contributions on the poster. Talk about the fact that communities can be neighborhoods, churches, schools, classrooms, friends at work. List similarities between different types of communities to develop a list of community characteristics. For example: people that feel they have something in common, work together, have similar needs, etc.
Talk about how a classroom can be a community. What might they all have in common?

Play the game Two Truths and a Lie. Have students write down each of their truths and lies on separate sheets of paper, with their names on them. After playing game, group slips of paper by similarities. You will probably discover that there are a lot of similarities between students. Number of siblings, neighborhood, where they went to school last year, where they grew up, age, etc. Make a web of things in common.

Assessment: In journals, have students reflect upon at least three things that they have in common with people at their table, and what community is.

Materials: Post-its, chart paper, markers, slips of paper.

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