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This reading and writing lesson idea on rainforests involves comparing cultures


Language Arts, Social Studies  


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Title – Social Studies lesson on Rainforests
By – Joanna Claire Rebone
Subject – Social Studies, Language Arts
Grade Level – 1st or 2nd

Comparing Cultures
Activity: Reading to learn of another culture and writing to compare our culture to the people of the rainforest.

Materials: Manila folder, dry erase marker, drawings of indigenous people with the supplies they use in the rainforest- national geographic. Then pictures cut from magazines showing supplies that would not be used by people indigenous to the rainforest.

To Make: Use a manila folder and glue the directions to the front. Create a fact sheet about the people of the indigenous rainforest and glue the fact sheet to the left-hand side of the opened folder. Glue the picture to the right side. Glue answers to back of folder. Laminate it so students can circle directly on to the folder. Take typing paper and compare the culture of the students to the culture of the people of the rainforest.

Student Directions: Read about the indigenous people of the rainforest. Use dry erase markers to circle the items that do not belong. Check your answers on the back of the folder. Then compare your culture to the culture of the indigenous people.

* Talk to the students after the activity about what they have discovered is different and the same about the rainforest culture compared and contrasted to our own.

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