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This lesson looks at Black History in Western Expansion in America


Language Arts, Social Studies  


3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – “This Land Is Your Land…This Land Is My Land”
By – Evelyn Williams
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3rd – 6th
Objective: To read for information and
understanding and discover relationships,
concepts by utilizing a variety of written
and electronic resources.

To identify contributions made by Blacks to
the Western expansion

To enhance the ability to use maps and
diagrams to enhance the knowledge of the
growth of our country.

To make the history of our country more

Standards: Take notes to record and organize data,
facts and ideas
Produce clear, well-organized reports

Materials: Books or websites pertaining to Black
explorers and cowboys

Anticipatory set: Who are some famous explorers or
cowboys that students are familiar with?
There were many significant contributions
to the growth of our country that are
relatively unknown.

Procedures: Teacher selects or has find names of Black
explorers or cowboys. Students can work in
teams or pairs to research and identify the
areas that they were involved in and how
they were beneficial to the history of early
America. Their notes would include the
time frame that they lived, their specific
role and other historical data or
individuals from that time period.

Assessment: a- The information can be utilized to do a
comparative timeline of events in history
to show when they lived and well-known
b- Make a map of the exploration and
expansion trails and show where they
traveled or migrated.

c- Share written reports with documented
information of the life and contributions
of these individuals.

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