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This reading comprehension lesson centers on Veteran’s Day and the book “Granddad Bud – A Veterans Day Story”


Language Arts, Social Studies  


1, 2, 3, 4  

Title – Veteran’s Day Story and Comprehension Activities
By – Sharon Ferry
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 1-4


      This lesson centers around the book

Granddad Bud – A Veterans Day Story

    by Sharon Ferry.

Book summary:

When a young boy’s great-grandfather comes to his school to talk about Veterans Day, the boy is unsure what to expect. Why exactly do we celebrate Veterans Day – and will his classmates be interested in what Granddad Bud has to say?


  • Read the book with the class (whole group or small group).
    • For younger students, have them take a picture walk first (preview, looking at the pictures) and come up with “I wonder” questions.
    • For older students, look at the cover and the back cover blurb and predict or ask questions.
    • During reading: make inferences on how each character feels, e.g.:
    • Describe how you think Granddad Bud felt when he was away from his family on the ship.
    • How did his wife feel? Why?
    • How does the boy feel at the beginning of the story? How do his feelings change by the end?
  • Other questions about the book:
    • Why did Americans first start celebrating Veterans Day?
    • What are some ways we honor veterans on Veterans Day? Use information from the story.
    • How does the boy feel when his Granddad Bud talks about the war at family parties?

Make Connections:

  • Do you know anyone who is serving in the military or who has served in the past?
  • Why do we call it “serving” in the military?
  • Do you think our school should have an veterans assembly like the one in the story?
  • Write a letter to a veteran or to Granddad Bud. What would you like to ask a veteran?

Note: Granddad Bud – A Veterans Day Story

      may be purchased from,, or most any website that sells childrens’ books. For more information, visit

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