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This lesson looks at what makes us Special


Social Studies  


PreK, K, 1  

Leslie Penner

Title: It’s Me!

Length: 30 minutes

Performance Expectation: The students will complete a “Picture in Print” with three listed characteristics that make them special from anyone else and share these with the class.

Materials: Mrs. Katz and Tush by Patricia Polacco, crayons and markers, white construction paper (enough for all students), black ink pads (enough for each group of four), baby wipes, and a list of different feelings and characteristics.


  1. Introduction:

We are all unique and special people even though we share many of the same thoughts and ideas. In Mrs. Katz and Tush by Patricia Polacco, both Mrs. Katz and Tush are unique people. Read Mrs. Katz and Tush . How are the two characters in the book different? What do the two characters have in common? Discuss as a class the reason why they admire and grow to love each other so much. They admire and love each other because of their differences. That is what makes them who they are.

  1. Development:

Have each student make a “Picture in Print.” Present the list of characteristics and feelings on the board. This will be a general list of things that students can use or use to think of other characteristics that make them special. Have each student make a print of one or two of their fingers on the white construction paper. Do this by gently rolling the finger from left to right on an ink pad. Then gently roll the inked finger from left to right on a piece of paper. Use the baby wipes to remove the ink from the student’s fingers. Use crayons to add features to the prints to create an object or an animal. This object or animal should be something that they compare themselves to. Examples are: Flower, animal, person, or car. Students will color their drawing and write at least three characteristics that make them very special individuals. After this is finished, their “Pictures in Print” are completed.

Have students gather in a circle. Each student will, one at a time, stand and tell what makes them who they are. Students will state their reasons why and show their, “Pictures in Print,” to the class.

III. Closure:

Discuss as a class, how we are all special people in our own ways. Being the person I am is the reason why people love me and why we are friends. Have the class take an oath that “I’m going to be the best me I can be.” Say we are going to take and oath or make a statement we promise to live by. Have the kids stand and say, “I (state your name) , am going to be the best me I can be.”

Assessment: The teacher will place a check by the student’s name, in the grade book, if they have completed a “Picture in Print” with three characteristics of what makes them unique labeled on the picture.

Adaptations/Considerations: Read a book in the closure of the lesson that discusses being unique and loved for it.

Display the final “Pictures in Print” on a bulletin board.

Brainstorm the list of characteristics as a class.


Cummings, R. (1995). Only Mine. Reflections of Me , 1-2.

K.L. Welch, personal communication, October 2, 1997.

Polacco, P. (1992). Mrs. Katz and Tush. New York, NY: Dell Publishing.

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