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Birdseye View, Mapping


Social Studies  


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Title – Birdseye View, Mapping
By – Nancy Hagerty
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 1-2
My Place In The World
Birdseye View

Objective: The students will work collaboratively to demonstrate an understanding of birdseye view by illustrating a group-designed model on paper.

Benchmark 5.1.3: Organize information to make and interpret simple maps of their local surroundings and simple graphs and tables of social data drawn from their experience.

— Teacher prepared model of a room with various items in it.
— Assorted items of different shapes, enough for each student to choose one.
— Enough shoeboxes for each group of 4-5 students.
— Teacher sticky putty.
— Large sheet of construction paper for each group.
— Assorted markers, pencils.

Anticipatory Set:
The teacher will ask the students to pretend they are birds. They are to fly over the model of a room that is set upon the floor and return to their seats.

We are going to learn new things about the places people live. One of the ways we can learn about new places is by looking at maps. Maps are a special kind of picture taken from way above the surface area, similar to how a bird might see something. This is why we call it getting a “birdseye view.”

— Who can tell me what items they saw in the room as they flew over my model? Students will list the items they saw.
— The teacher will have samples for each child to hold and examine.
— Students will select an item and place it on the floor.
— Students will stand above the object to get a “birdseye view” of the item.
— The teacher will ask the students if the item looks the same or different than it did while they were holding it.
— The students will assist the teacher in drawing the items in the model from a birdseye view.
— The teacher will use metacognition to explain the process involved in drawing.
— The students may be asked to come up and draw an item.
— The drawing will be done on a white board so errors can be easily corrected.

Check for Understanding:
— The teacher will deliberately draw an item incorrectly and wait for a response.
— Students will be encouraged to explain and/or fix the problem.
— Responses will indicate the appropriate time to move on.

Guided Practice:
— Each student will return to their table with their selected item.
— Each table will be given a shoebox and a piece of construction paper.
— Students will be given enough putty to anchor their item into the box.
— Students will be given one minute on the timer to place their items in the box.
— Students will take turns drawing their item as seen from a birdseye perspective.
— The members of the group will have to agree on the student’s placement and sketch.

NOTE: the teacher will circulate and make note of the process and problem-solving skills the students are using, such as,
1. Different angles for successful drawing.
2. The position of the box in relation to the student.
3. Group comments and suggestions/concerns about the sketches.

— The students will assemble together on the carpet to discuss their finished projects.
— We will reflect about what was easy/difficult about the assignment and why.
— Are the sketches the same or different?
— What would happen if each mapmaker didn’t draw things exactly the way that they really looked?

Independent Practice:
— “More Map Views” worksheet from Nystrom, Primary Social Studies Skills. Level A, activity sheet 8-IIIA.
Please note, the above worksheet was not provided by the author, but the lesson plan can be performed without the worksheet or one could be made by the teacher.

— Various maps and pictures will be displayed and labeled throughout the room with a corresponding letter. Students will be given a “voting ballot” to record the letter for each map or picture that depicts a birdseye view.
— Students will be encouraged to bring in different types of maps/pictures depicting birdseye view.

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